Гай Ричи вернулся! The Gentlemen — отличный фильм со всеми гайричивскими приемчикам. Масса экшена, нелепых ситуаций и уморительно смешных диалогов.

— Ernie. Did you get that Chinese fella’s name?
— Phuc.
— What?
— Phuc, like «fuck» with a «Ph.»
— Don’t get street with me, Ernie. Where does he live?
— Posh part of Croydon. Drop the rope.
— There is no posh part of Croydon.
— It’s comparative, innit?

— Why aren’t you training, you black cunt?
— I’m on my own here. Did he just call me a black cunt?
— Yes, he did.
— He can’t do that. That’s racist.
— But, you are black and you are a cunt, Ernie. Those are the facts. I don’t think Primetime cares what race you run in.
— The fact that I’m black has nothing to do with the fact I’m a cunt.
— He didn’t say black people were cunts, Ernie. He was being specific to you. One has nothing to do with the other. And I’d go a step further, if I’m not mistaken, and say it was a term of familiar affection.
— Primetime’s a Gypsy. I wouldn’t call him a pikey cunt.
— Why not? He might be very understanding.
— Only if it comes from a place of love, of course.

Випедикия сообщает, что многие не поняли юмора и с готовностью оскорбились:

Some reviews perceived the film as anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic and sexist on account of its portrayals of characters that fit stereotypes. The Independent described it as «an equal opportunity offender» in its targeting of a multitude of minorities from Jews to East-Asians.

Там еще есть чечен Аслан, зачем-то названный русским, который выпал из окна и разъебался в лепешку. Тоже, наверное, расизм и ксенофобия. А Бориса-хуй-попадешь нет!