(Конспект четырёхлетней давности)

Don’t stay longtime far away from your Thai girlfriend. I don’t mean she will get another one, but certainly she could get bored of waiting.

Even if you’re financially well-positioned, never show her your financial status. You may never know if she loves you or if she loves your money (it applies for European and American girls as well).

Contrary to certain myths, Thai women and generally all Asian women are NOT submissive but strong-willed and have strong personality.

Thai girls do not show their feelings.

Thai people and specially Thai girls tend to think that all “farangs” (westerners) are extremely rich.

Thais are NOT poor. Thailand is not a poor country.

Thai women do seem less concerned about smaller age gaps, with up to 10 years ok, and up to 15 years seems to be within acceptable limits. Once it goes beyond 15 years — especially if it is obvious that there are more than 15 years between them, things change a little, especially in the perception of others.

One of the joys about Thai women is the lack of sexual hang ups. There does seem to be an attitude that sex is simply a bodily function, something that makes you feel good and as such it is something they wish to enjoy from time to time.

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