Об изучении языков

Learning languages calms the mind. One has to empty one’s mind and immerse oneself completely in the work of learning any language. Language-learning is my favourite way of distracting myself. It helped me through the most difficult times of my life and it has helped me to find inner peace. Meditation is characterised by (a) emptying, (b) calming and (c) training the mind. Language-learning helps me achieve all three of these. My tireless attempts at successful language-learning have, over the course of many years, helped me overcome many learning problems, including attention problems and dyslexia. Language-learning has significantly improved my reading, spelling, logical reasoning, hearing, speaking, etc. Indeed, it has trained my eye for detail, I notice far more things than I used to, my mind is sharper than it ever was. The calmness of my mind is helping me do things that I was not able to do in the past, it allows me to dedicate all my energy to problem-solving.

— Dyami Millarson. Language-Learning Is a Type of Meditation

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